Dan Brook in ThailandIf you have any questions about HoT, feel free to contact Dr. Dan Brook.

Prof. Dan Brook has taught sociology at SJSU since 2005 (and at other schools previously) and has also taught English in Thailand, having returned to that beautiful “land of smiles” many times since. Dan loves Thailand, and especially its magnificent northern city of Chiang Mai, for its many charms: rich culture, friendly people, great food, delicious drinks, colorful markets, exquisite temples, natural beauty, inexpensive prices, superb value, an ancient feel with a modern vibe, intriguing mix of East and West, proximity to nearby wonders, and the many other amazing surprises that await you!

even in Chiang Mai —
hearing the gecko cry out —
I long for Chiang Mai

Dan Brook with an elephant at the amazing Elephant Nature Park sanctuary in Chiang Mai

Dan Brook received the Faculty Award for Recognition of Excellence for Service Learning in May 2016. For more information by and about Dan, visit his CV and his page. Dan is on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the Fall and Spring semesters and his office is in DMH 237A. Feel free to visit.

Me and Sukanya 1

Dan with Singha, a young elephant   IMG_0890.JPGP1050789.JPG

I have led HoT since 2015. That I have the privilege to go to Chiang Mai, and to be able to return, is lucky enough; that I get paid to do so is mind-boggling and a dream come true; that I can bring students, have them contribute to Thailand through their volunteerism and service learning, and facilitate their enjoyment, bonding, exploration, discovery, and growth is a monumental blessing and honor, which I do not take lightly.

Dan with a 1-year-old Thai baby playing in the rain while his parents tend their outdoor restaurant in Pitsanulok

Dan head-to-head with Dakhao, a young elephant

Check out the SJSU Study Abroad site with the Summer Faculty-Led Programs (FLPs). Their web page for HoT is here.

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