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Can you imagine yourself having fun, making friends, helping others, interacting with monks and other Thais, meeting elephants, gaining insight, eating amazing food, and who knows what else, while exploring a new and exciting place?

We can!

“This entire trip is like a movie.” — Ashley C.

Videos: Araceli Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Vianca

Student Video Testimonials: Chelsea; Kayelani; Laura; Sarah; Tessa

Monk Chat Video: 2018

Student Blogs: Julie; Kayelani; Serena

DB’s photos: 2018; 2017; 2016; 2015

Dr. Dan Brook, a sociology professor at San Jose State University, has been taking groups of students on service learning trips to Chiang Mai with his program Hands on Thailand for 3 years. “Chiang Mai is a truly amazing city that welcomes the new, while preserving the old, incorporating the West, while cherishing the East,” Dr. Brook said. “My students go with open minds and open hearts, hoping to serve the Thai people in some capacity, yet quickly realizing that they are the ones who gain the most.”
Source: “4 Reasons You Should Visit Chiang Mai” by Megan Malone

“So What Is Hands On Thailand?
It’s this incredible adventure facilitated by San Jose State University. It’s actually Sociology Course 180. But the amazing thing is that anyone can go! You don’t have to be a sociology major. It’s 4 Elective units of credit on a credit/no credit basis.”
Source: “Hands On Thailand Opportunity” by Rhiana Jones

Silver Temple, Golden Water

Tea Time

Why She Couldn’t Make Change for a Big Bill

Cool Heart, Never Mind, Enjoy Chiang Mai!

Chiang Mai, Thailand: J is for Vegetarian

A Veg Village in Thailand

Get Away to Away Chiang Mai Resort!

GO!: Travel Quotes to Send You Off


HoT 2017 @ ENP


HoT 2017 with water buffalo at Elephant Nature Park

Soooo much fun at Tha Pae Gate!

Soooo much fun at Tha Pae Gate!

HoT 2016 on our all-day trek in the Thai countryside

HoT 2016 on our all-day trek in the Thai countryside

Phra Nanta and students at Wat Jedlin in the Old City (2016)

Phra Nanta and students at Wat Jedlin in the Old City (2016)


HoT 2015 at Thai Elephant Conservation Center

HoT at the craft factories

HoT 2015 at a local craft factory

lunch in a Karen village

HoT 2015 enjoying a delicious veg lunch in a Karen Hill Tribe village

students with monks at Wat Mae RimHoT 2015 students with their novice monk students at Wat Mae Rim

students with elephants at Elephant Nature ParkHoT 2015 students with elephants

students in Chiang Mai

HoT 2015 in Chiang Mai

Students Having Fun at Zoe in Yellow

Having Fun at Zoe in Yellow (2015)

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on the Student Reviews page.


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