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“An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered.
An inconvenience is only an adventure wrongly considered.”
— G. K. Chesterton

All official group activities, meetings, events, excursions, transportation, and meals are included in the program at no additional cost.

Orientation Sessions:

There will be two pre-departure orientation sessions during the Fall semester. In addition to various logistical issues, we will also discuss issues related to language, culture, Thai laws and customs, globalization, the sociological imagination, study abroad, service learning, and voluntourism, including critical and sociological perspectives.

Schedule / Itinerary for HoT Winter 2021/2022:

Day 1 (Sat, Jan 1, 2022: New Year’s Day): Arrive in Chiang Mai; Check in to Eurana Hotel; Meet in Eurana Lobby at 6 PM for an orientation meeting followed by a nearby Welcome Dinner
Day 2 (Sun, Jan 2): Adjustment to Chiang Mai – Explore & Enjoy!
Day 3 (Mon, Jan 3): Group Breakfast at 8:30 AM & Begin Volunteering with Local Organizations; 1st Reflection Session in Lobby at 6 PM
Day 4 (Tues, Jan 4): Volunteer
Day 5 (Wed, Jan 5): Volunteer
Day 6 (Thurs, Jan 6): Volunteer; 2nd Reflection Session in Lobby at 6 PM
Day 7 (Fri, Jan 7): Intro to Mindfulness Meditation at nearby Bodhi Tree Cafe at 10 AM (meet in the Lobby at 9:45 AM, earlier if you want breakfast); Volunteer

Day 8 (Sat, Jan 8): Field Trip to Craft Factories, likely including silk, cotton, lacquerware, silver, celadon, paper/umbrellas, etc. (meet for breakfast around 9:30 AM, depart at 10 AM; bring water, snacks, and money as well as anything you might want to get painted by the artists at the paper/umbrellas factory). Group veg lunch included.Smiling Abby at the umbrella factory showing off her cell phone case painted with an elephant sceneDay 9 (Sun, Jan 9): Free Time to Explore Chiang Mai
Day 10 (Mon, Jan 10): Volunteer; 3rd Reflection Session in Lobby at 6 PM
Day 11 (Tues, Jan 11): Chiang Mai University?
Day 12 (Wed, Jan 12): Volunteer; Group Dinner at 7 PM (meet in the Lobby at 6:40 PM)
Day 13 (Thurs, Jan 13): Volunteer; 4th Reflection Session in Lobby at 6 PM
Day 14 (Fri, Jan 14): Group Breakfast at 7:30 AM; Overnight Field Trip to Elephant Nature Park (we’ll depart around 8 AM, so be in the Lobby before then) (bring water for hydration and bring sun lotion and bug repellent, if desired, dramamine if you’re susceptible to car/motion sickness, and whatever personal items you need for an overnight adventure). Veg buffet meals included. Everything else is irrelephant!
Day 15 (Sat, Jan 15): Return from Elephant Nature ParkP1030312.JPGDay 16 (Sun, Jan 16): Free time to Explore Chiang Mai
Day 17 (Mon, Jan 17): Volunteer; 5th Reflection Session in Lobby at 6 PM
Day 18 (Tues, Jan 18): Volunteer
Day 19 (Wed, Jan 19): Group Breakfast at 7:30 AM and All-Day Trek with lots of hiking, time at a waterfall, veg lunch in a village, and then relaxing bamboo rafting (wear a swimsuit under clothes for waterfall/swimming/rafting; wear good comfortable shoes for a long hike; bring water for hydration and snacks; bring sun lotion and bug repellent, if desired, and dramamine if you’re susceptible to car/motion sickness)
Day 20 (Thurs, Jan 20): Free time to enjoy Chiang Mai
Day 21 (Fri, Jan 21): Monk Chat at Mahachulalongkornrajavidayalaya University (MCU) at Wat Suan Dok from 10 – 11:30 AM (Dress temple-appropriate and meet in Lobby at 9:40 AM); 6th/Final Reflection Session and Group Debrief in Lobby at 6 PM
Day 22 (Sat, Jan 22): Group Breakfast of Exile at 9 AM; Program Concludes After Breakfast

If there is ever anything you would like to say, discuss, clarify, ask, request, ponder, or anything else, please feel free to contact me or anyone else who might be appropriate or useful.

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